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TPR 09

Discipline: - Production Operators / Technicians & Engineers

Course Title: - TPR 09: Flares, Vent and Drain systems.

Course Objectives: -

  • To understand the basic principles of Flare, Vent and drain system.
  • To identify main parts and function of Flare, Vent and drain system
  • To get familiarity with operation of various flare system, vent and drains in oil and gas production, utility process facilities.
  • To identify the problems relating the flare, vent, drain system operations

Course Content:-                                                                                             

    • Back pressure and pressure drops in process system            
  • Blow down and Temperature relief systems                             
  • HP, LP, AP flare system and operation                                     
  • Closed and open drain system operation                                  
  • Methods and limitations of pressurisation and de-pressurisation  
  • Safe guarding system on Flare, Vent and Drain systems            
  • PEFS, PFS, P&ID, PFD, Plot plans, Hazardous area classification drawings
  • Cause & Effect SD matrix                                                      
  • Pre and post course assessment                                            


Target Audience: - Production / process operators and supervisors


Contact: - E mail ID: techshoreinspections@gmail.com
Phones: 0484 4050333,  9946399930

Course Dates: - On request
Course fee : On request

Course Duration: - 3 days

Number of Participants: -

  • Maximum 15


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