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TPR 06

Discipline: - Production Operators / Technicians & Engineers

Course Title: - TPR 06 : PUMPS OPERATIONS

Course Objectives: -

  • To develop basic knowledge in design and operation of all types of pumps used in Oil & Gas fields.
  • To improve the participants’ skill in attending the usual and unusual problems that develops while operating pumps.
  • To improve the participant's knowledge of the following: theory, design, classification and operation of pumps.
  • Fundamental operating procedures.
  • Correct responsive action to operational problems with pumps.
  • Safe and efficient practices pertaining to the operation of pumps.
  • To improve safety awareness of the participants

Course Content:-

  • The function of a pump, Theory of design and pump classifications
  • Principle of operation of various pump types
  • Advantages/disadvantages and applications of various types of pumps.
  • Emphasis on the design/structure of a centrifugal pump.
  • Principle of operation of a centrifugal pump.
  • Explain the principle of pumps' integrity. Showing examples of safety systems installed in pumps (e.g. vibration probes, temp monitors, heat switches, pump protection control systems, (minimum flow controllers).
  • Seal leak systems, lube oil systems, Pre-operational checks, Start up and loading
  • Pump characteristics/graphs, Cavitation/air binding
  • Pump shut down procedure , Pumps running in parallel and series
  • Pump start - up after an E.S.D trip, pump start-up after normal
  • Shut down, start up after maintenance shut-down etc.
  • Pre and post course assessment

Target Audience: - Production operator / Technicians and Engineers


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Course Dates: - On request
Course Fee   :-  On request

Course Duration: - 3 days

Number of Participants: -

  • Maximum 15

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