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Certification in Process Safeguard & HSE

Certification in Process Safeguard & HSE (Duration 3 Months)

Certification course in Process Isolation & Safeguarding Techniques in Oil & Gas operation. Discipline: - Production Operations

Course Title: - Process Equipment Isolation for Maintenance & Safe guarding techniques

Course Objectives: -

  • To understand the basic principles of Process safe guarding systems
  • To understand various types of safe guarding instruments and specification
  • To understand process equipment isolation for confined space
  • To understand methods for carrying out process isolation for High risk job /Hot work.
  • To and understand P&ID, PFD, PLOT plans, Hazard area classification, Ex proof…


  • Importance of safety using fail safe system
  • Safety terms, abbreviations and definitions, ALARP, ESD, PSD, HSEMSM, HAZID, HAZOP, PTW , Confined space, Hot / cold work, NORM
  • Process safe guarding specifications
  • Fire, Gas, heat, smoke detectors and the operation
  • Safety valves: ESD, Relief valves, rupture disc, Shut down valves
  • Methods and limitations of pressurization and de-pressurization
  • Safe guarding system on Flare, Vent and Drain systems
  • PEFS, PFS, P&ID, PFD, Plot plans, Hazardous area classification drawings
  • Cause & Effect SD matrix
  • Process Equipment Isolation procedure- Physical, Positive, Single and double block.
  • Permit to work – Isolation certificates and Gas testing, NORM, Pyrophoric iron.
  • Blinds, Spectacle blinds, cold cut process, pipeline isolation for welding.

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When you join TECHSHORE as an oilfield trainee, you initially follow a phased fixed-step training pacing program which initially lasts Six months. No matter what your background, we ensure you have the right training to develop quickly and advance in your role. You will be well transformed to work in a Hydrocarbon / Petrochemical industrial environment. The program blends technical, safety, personal development, business and managerial courses, and on-the-job validated training guided and mentored by international certified V1 & A1 assessors by EDEXEL.

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