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TPR 20

Discipline: - Production Operators, Technicians & Engineers

Course Title: - TPR 20: HSE at work site, HAZID, HEMP, HAZOP, PTW, HSE Policies, Fire & Gas Panels.

Course Objectives: -

*To understand the basic principles of Hydrocarbon safety, Hazard Identification, HSE Policies and HSE management, Incident, Accident, Near miss reporting.

*To understand various HSE aspects, Risk analysis, PTW System, Hot work & Confined space entry, Carrying out Process Isolation methods    

* Understand Purpose HSE Management system                              
* Understand safe working practice in Hazardous area
* Reporting procedures of Hazardous area, LTI, Near miss, Incident & Accidents.      
* Purpose & Use of Hazardous area classification drawings: Zone 0, Zone 1 & Zone 2
* Purpose and Use of area Classification of Zone 20, 21 & 22                                 
* Purpose and use of site Evacuation procedure            
* Purpose and use of ESD, PSD & ASD systems
* Use and purpose of Breathing apparatus, Firefighting equipment and Types of fire.
* Lifting equipment colour codes and safe lifting procedure.               
* Asset Integrity & Process Safety Management   (AIPSM) in Oil & Gas Operations.   
* Use and operation of Fire & Safety detectors / sensors and alarms.   
* Understand purpose & use of SHOC cards, MSDS and chemical PPE
* Process piping equipment colour codes and Leak reporting procedure.                                     
* Pre and post course assessment / Issue of certificates.                             

Target Audience: - Production / process operator, Technicians & Engineers

Course Code: - TPR 20 HSE at work site, HEMP, HAZID, HAZOP, HAZOP, PTW, HSEV Policies, Fire & Gas Panels.
Contact: - E mail ID :- techshoreinspections@gmail.com
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Course Dates: - On request

Course Duration: - 3 days
Course Fee :  On request

Number of Participants: -

Maximum 10

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