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TPR 17

Discipline: - TPR 17: Production Operators / Technicians & Engineers

Course Title: - Wellhead control and OTIS Panel for SSV & SCSSSV.

Course Objectives: -

  • To develop the basic knowledge of well head control with the Otis/ Frames/ Willmax panels.
  • To understand the theory of design and principle of operation of well head control and Otis panel within high pressure oil/gas field operations.
  • To develop "hands on" skills of the participants pertaining to the operation of the Otis/ Willmax/ Frames panel.
  • To encourage the participants to react in a correct responsive manner to operational problems with static equipment.
  • To develop participants knowledge in safety of wellhead operation and its accessories.

Course Content:-

  • Introduction
  • Well heads
  • Xmas tree
  • Otis/Frames/ Willmax panel
  • SSV
  • Pilots
  • Schematic drawing of Otis panel
  • Basic terminology
  • Operations of Otis panel
  • Operating sequence
  • Shutdown sequence
  • Routine maintenance
  • Pre and post course assessment.

Target Audience: - Production / process operators, Technicians & Engineers

Course Code: - TPR 17 Wellhead SSV & SCSSSV Operation: OTIS/Wilmax/ DPC Panels

Contact: - E mail Id: techshoreinspections@gmail.com
Phones: 0484 4050333, 9946399930

Course Dates: - On request
Course Fee : On request

Course Duration: - 3 days

Number of Participants: -

  • Maximum 15

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