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Profile of Joy Paul




Total 37 years of field experience in Oil/ Gas Training department around the world

Experience Summary

  • Head and Senior Instructor, Oil and Gas Operations Training Division, ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia - 10 years. ( 1977- 1987)
  • Head and Senior Instructor, On Job Training (OJT) - Production and Operations, Competency Training Department, Shell International (AFPC), Damascus- Syria - 13 years (1987 – 2002)
  • Senior Instructor, Vocational Training Centre, ADMA - OPCO, Das Island, Zakkum and Umsheif off shore and on shore production operations, UAE - 2 Years (2002-2004)
  • Head and Senior Instructor, Oil and Gas Production Operations, Technical Training Services (TTS) PDO, Muscat, Oman – (2004-2016) 12 Years


  • Expertise in Oil and Gas production projects, commissioning and production operations, Design training activities as per OPITO, Edexcel approved international standards.
  • Certified assessor and training expert from Edexcel and other international awarding organizations.
  • Conducted short courses for operating staff in PDO, AFPC and Shell international.
  • Designed and conducted Graduate Development Programs (GDP) in PDO, Oman and Shell international, Iraq.
  • Supervised technical teaching materials (Production Modules) preparation, editing, printing and distribution.
  • Monitored and guided the preparation of assessment materials, evaluation, scrutiny and publication of the final result.
  • An academically accomplished technical instructor with 39 years international experience and appreciation from many oil and gas organizations.
  • Focused to create oil and gas experts in an HSE oriented environment.


Do you require full payment up front?
We do not require pre-payment up front for your training. You may pay for each lesson as you go if you so desire. We do offer discounted rates if you pay up front, however.
How do I know which program is the right for me?
Techshore Inspection Services offers a wide range of courses and programs for both our full and part-time students. Learn more about the different training options. To download the Clod Wing Academy brochure, click here
How long will my training take?
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Our Mission & Vision

Techshore Mission

To Emerge as a best education Institute, by providing a distinctive learning experience; and to mould the young minds to be Competent Professionals in the Competitive World.

Thecchshore Vision

To Build Up alliance and Collaboration with top industries, for achieving Global Excellence. At Techshore, We ensure that our Students find the best career in the shortest Period,with our Internationally accrediated courses which will open the best door to surpassing career path.

Our Placement Histories

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How is Techshore Inspection Services Different?

We Offer wide Spectrum of Globally Competitive Programme with a main objective to develop domain specific and Competent Professionals, who are ready to join the industry. Presently Techshore can proudly speak of itself in Tangible Terms.

Academic Excellence

In order to cope with the rapidly changing world it’s better to equip with the best knowledge. So we always keep in mind to provide the best quality academics to our students. We never compromised on this thus it helped us to known as a best education institute in short time and our team is continuously working on it.

Eminent Faculty

Eminent Faculty

Techshore Inspection Services  comprised of eminent faculty members having practical expertise in Various Engineering Discipline . Students also undergo onsite industrial training with proper guidance from our faculty. Being taught by excellent academicians will improve your knowledge to a great extent. .We value our students so it’s our responsibility to share you a learning experience which will help you to build a dream career.



Best Placement for students has always remained a priority for us. Our dedicated Career Development & Placement team work towards finding the best job by working closely with them to define the career path. We tie up with various top Companies to place our students in India and abroad. We highly value our Partnership with Industry Leaders, alumni and staff to make our recruiting experience Productive and Positive.

Industry Connectivity

Industry Connectivity

To provide placement services and Onsite training we have been in collaboration with leading industrial leaders. We provide onsite training along with our regular academics to help students to experience the industrial environment, which inherently promotes the thinking capacity, conceptualization skills, good decision making ability and discipline among them.



We provide the best infrastructure with wifi campus, well equipped lab facilities, Seminar Hall, Hostel facilities for all students and always strives to improve the infrastructure and academic standards of the Institution.

Vision and Governance

Vision and Governance

Techshore Inspection Service  is structured for decentralized governance with administrative positions, and all major policy decisions being taken with the involvement and concurrence of the managing body. We continuously monitor all the activities to ensure the best policy and maintain business ethics in all our activities.

WiFi Campus

WiFi Campus

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Hostel Facility

Hostel Facility

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